Kozy Kikoy


Our Ethos

Kozy Kikoy is all about following traditional Kenyan values and craftsmanship with all of our Kikoy being hand made and tailored by skilled craftsmen in Kenya. Large sheets of the fabric are woven and dyed, passed onto our skilled tailors, and put together to create the extremely stylish and comfortable trousers and shorts. All in Kenya!

Our Kikoy is genuine and sourced from Kenya. It is made out of 100% natural fibres and organic cotton, and we work hard to produce as little waste as possible. The fabric is dyed using natural dyes that don’t pollute the water systems. Our packaging is fully compostable and is 100% biodegradable. This means that as a company, we are 100% single use plastic free just like Kenya’s initiative to ban plastic bags!

Our Story

My first journey to Kenya sprung from a chance meeting with Zoe, my polo club social exec at University. Zoe kindly invited me out to Kenya over Easter of 2022. Zoe and her wonderful family welcomed me into Kenya and showed me all of its delights. One of those being Kikoy. After filling my suitcase on my flight home full of various pieces of Kikoy, I decided that it was the most wonderful fabric, and I lived in my trousers and shorts for the rest of the year.

Having fallen in love with Kenya, in the following Easter of 2023 I took my whole family for a trip to Kenya meeting Zoe’s amazing family and exploring 3 national parks on safari. Once we got to our final stop on the eastern coast of Kenya at Watamu I booked a taxi and dragged my family to the first shop I bought Kikoy trousers in the year before. A few conversations happened and that was the making of Kozy Kikoy.

Traditionally, Kikoy is a rectangular sheet of hand woven, pure cotton material with hand rolled fringes. The pure cotton is dyed into vibrant colours before woven into rectangular sheets. The sheets get woven with a main colour and different coloured striped sides.

Our collection embraces comfort, light weight loungewear, suitable for chilling out in the evenings or for a quick pub trip. The lightweight, easily foldable material makes them perfect for beach days, comfort after a surf, or even to keep the sun off whilst keeping you cool.

I believe Kikoy is the ultimate material for comfort and practicality whilst looking vibrant and chic.